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How to Find the Best Mascara for Your Complexion

Author: Jennifer Bailey

For many individuals, choosing mascara used to be a relatively straightforward process. However, recent color and texture additions have made choosing mascara much more exciting. This is because this year's hottest makeup trend is similar to the style of the 90s, but with a twist, that makes it great for 2009. Colored mascara is back and it is bigger and better than ever. Gone are the thick, gloppy bright blue, green and violet mascaras that looked and felt more like wearing a costume for your eyes. This new style of brown and black mascara looks more natural and seems to match the complexion of one's skin much better than previous makeup solutions.

Whenever there is an embarrassment of riches, there are choices to be made. Once upon a time, picking the right color mascara for your skin tone was easy. If you were a dark-skinned brown-haired woman with dark, lush lashes, you were able to wear black mascara. Hardly fair, when girls like that barely need mascara at all, but that was the traditional wisdom. Anyone else, the beauty experts told us, risked looking a€œfakea€ and a€œharsha€ wearing midnight black mascara. For the rest of us, they recommended wearing brown mascara for a more a€œnaturala€ look.

Now, with many new choices of mascara available which include colors like Dark Cherry, Mahogany, Electric Blue and Purple Haze, natural is out the window. The trick to finding the best mascara for your complexion these days is to consider both your skin tone and your eye color, and pick mascara that complements both. Do not forget to take the time of day and social function into account as well. Some of these new colored mascaras are subtle enough to be worn to work while others should most definitely be reserved for stepping out at the club. Here are some tips on choosing the best mascara shades and types for your complexion.

Basic Black and Brown

If you have a medium to dark complexion and dark hair, choose pure black mascara. Depending on the brand you choose, you can also pick black mascara that is available in Noire, a pure sable black.

If you have a medium to dark complexion and light hair, try brown-black instead of pure black shades. The added touch of brown keeps the black from looking too harsh for your complexion.

If your complexion is medium to fair, choose brown or brown-black mascara. The lighter your complexion, the more you should avoid pure black mascara. If you are one of those folks with black or very dark brown hair and fair skin, though, you may be able to get by with thick, ebony black lashes. Keep it a bit lighter for daytime wear and go dramatic at night.

If your complexion is very fair and you have light hair, you might want to stick with one of the new transparent mascaras that add thickness and make your lashes fuller without adding color at all. A great choice is clear mascara, which adds thickness and gloss without coloring at all.

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Dare to be Dramatic

Blue-eyed girls can play it a little safer with turquoise and indigo shades. Turquoise can brighten deep blue eyes and deepen paler eyes. Indigo and purple haze gives your blue eyes a dangerous depth.

You do not have to make your brown eyes blue, but those blue shades can really bring those brown eyes out of hiding. Choose burgundy colored mascara to deepen brown or amber eyes, and pick purple to give your brown eyes a tinge of unexpected green.

Green and hazel eyes can wear any shade and look spectacular, but burgundy and purple are surprisingly effective, especially if you are light-skinned and your hair tends toward auburn or red.

Soft and Subtle

If you are looking for something a bit more subtle but still want to add a bit of color to your lashes, several dual coat mascaras give you a base coat in black or brown and then let you add a slick of shimmery color that is barely visible. Each type of mascara may come with a base coat in brown or black, and a highlighting top coat that adds a shimmer of iridescence in silver, gold, copper, mahogany or blue. Which should you choose? Mahogany, copper and gold add warmth to a sallow complexion, while silver and blue can look great with a ruddy complexion.

The real trick to choosing the right mascara color for your complexion is experimentation. Remember that warm colors look best on sallow complexions and cool colors are best for ruddy complexions. There are many types of cosmetics to consider before you find the best choice for your complexion, but these are several tips to consider which can help make the process easier. Depending on your hair color and skin complexion, the style of makeup that you choose can really make a difference.

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Jennifer Bailey is a freelance writer who writes about style, beauty and fashion, often focusing on a specific product such as mascara.

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9 Responses to Best Hair Color For Light Skinned Black Women

  1. Gabby says:

    What’s the best hair color for light skinned black women?

  2. tahitian dancer says:

    Which Color Hair Dye?
    Hi! to all those who have experience in coloring their hair or who are hair stylists or those of you who just know what looks good…I have brown skin a mix between tyra banks and jennifer hudson and have pitch black hair ummmm and im tired of it im thinkin i want a couple shades lighter but def not blonde but a nice light brown if you have any websites you can refer me to or references on the web for black women and best hair colors that suit brown skin color please by all means help me out thank you soo much in advance…..(1st time my hair will be exposed to chemicals)

  3. VioletRose says:

    Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me?
    Okay what do you think of my characters contact me if you want to read the story.
    Name: Forest (Ideas for last name?)
    Rouge name: Stealth
    Gender: Female
    Race: Elf
    Age: 16
    Height: 5’8″
    Skin: Pale
    Hair color: White
    Hair Length: knee length
    Eye color: Light blue with dark
    blue waters
    Religion: Mikon (like 49% of people)
    Personality/ Who she is: Most
    Famous rouge In
    Atreasia And the best
    Assassian ever. She is
    feared by everyone. She is a master of all weapons. She is very loyal, Even though she is assassian shes a very nice, kind and fun person she is just loyal is why she kills. Most people think it is wrong that the worlds best rouge is a women because the other top 100 (99 and down) are men. No one know’s that Forest is Stealth (except Jonathen and Emily, And Maya).She has no friends nor anyone else.

    Name: Alistair Freemen
    What people call him: Death
    Gender: Male
    Race: The last Vampire
    Age: 16 1/2
    Height: 6’5″
    Skin: Very pale
    Hair color: Black
    Hair length: Short
    Eye color: Bloody red
    Religion: Not very much but
    he is Mikon
    Personality/Who he is: He is the
    last Vampire On Arteasia, people
    only judge him because he is
    Vampire. He’s a lone wolf, He
    has no family, its a long story. He really hates people he wishes to be alone no problems in the world. Aside from the fact he pushes people away, once someones his friend he’s super awesome, he is very forgiving well for the things that are easy too forgive, He likes fighting with a sword

    Name: Ashane Coonly
    Chic Chik name: Princess
    Gender: Female
    Race: 96% Elf 4% Dwarf
    Age: 16
    Height: 5’5″
    Skin: light tan
    Hair color: light pink
    Hair Length: knee length,
    always in a braid well mostly.
    Eye color: Blue
    Religion: Believes in herself,barely
    Personality/ Who she is: A
    sweet but some times selfish girl
    Chic chick leader. Chic Chick is a
    clan started by her, She is very
    selfish. She does posing for
    people. She does not have friends has “fans”that she pays 20 gold each a day so they’ll follow her. She only beleives that she is “the one”, Forest and Alistair will not be able to take her but they will need her, if they want to sucseed. She has a large family that is rich and spoils her with fine silver and gold. When she is with her friends she can be kind.

    Name: Emily Olsen
    Gender: Female
    Species: Demon
    Age: 1656 (16 in Lylet)
    Height: 5’6″
    Skin: Very light lilac
    Hair color: Purple with two cream
    Hair length: To her shoulders
    Eye color: Yellow
    Religion: “Unknown”, She
    tries to tell them Mikon but
    they won’t beleive her
    Personality/ Who she is: A demon
    that once was a different species
    Human. But it was anknown so
    species of all kind made her drink
    a posion, called haydsa its very
    deadly but she had something in
    her DNA that only mutated her into a devilish form, Despite her mean look she is a nice friend of Forest, they met when Forest was tring to assassinate her but they became friends quickly. She is a very nice person. All people still like demons more then Vampires. Because vampires are carnivores
    Emily does not like Alistair that much but will go out of her to help him to be a priestess

    These are the main characters, There are others like Cody the dashing shy pirate, Onyx and Opal 2 goddess’s one good one neutral. And others
    Ashane is NOT sweet she is VERY selfish my friend made put that
    Forest: Rouge
    Alistair: Warrior
    Ashane: Mage
    Emily: Healer
    I dont like Nightingown but I do like the night part, More Ideas would be cool with Night

    • GaBoy0530 says:

      I like it,it sounds like the people I’d like to have in my story:)really like the white hair but you should have Forest’s enemy be the greatest assassin ever,until they meet,and he/she is almost beaten by Forest,being almost the exact same except they kill for opposite reasons.Enemy becomes obsessed with the thought of someone being better than them and won’t stop until either they or Forest are dead….?

  4. Candygirl says:

    Is it possible for a black woman to give birth to a blonde child?
    A month ago my best friend who is light skinned black gave birth to her third child, a girl who has blond hair and light coloured eyes. The child like her older brother and sister are mixed race. They all look white and don’t have any outward black features. The baby girl is the only one with blond hair in the immediate family. I know this is rare for a black woman to give birth to a blond child but how is this possible?
    The father of the child is white and has brown hair, but his mother is a naturally blond, and his other four older brothers who are dark haired have blonde haired kids and are married to blonde hair women. My friend is full black, black parents, grandparents and looks black.

    • atta says:

      Of course it’s possible. if your friend is of mixed race, her child can come out looking like any of or a mix of those races – that’s basic biology. It’s far more common to be darker because darker genes are dominant, but it’s perfectly normal for a recessive gene, like blue eyes or blonde hair, to come out.

  5. Jamika23 says:

    why do black men go for white women when they get high up on the corprate latter or become a celebrity?
    why, don’t say that this is racist because it’s noticable when some black men establish themselves they run to white women as if they are the best. i hate this. you all notice this as well, but someone on here is gonna say, people can date who they want no matter what color! and they are correct! but! before some of these men were established or have”made big money” they were with black women SOME! but it’s like when they make it they say let me go and get a white woman or a woman with pretty hair. these are some of the reason i’ve HEARD!1.we can have pretty babies 2.they do anything you want them to women are loud and fat 4.i want my baby with good hair and light skin, these are only some. and as for #3, i can’t help the fact that we black women have been strong women since we were created, i can’t help the fact that some of our men do us wrong, i say when i look at my father i know i want-a strong,intelligent,handsome,suave and debonaire black man!

    • Elana says:

      The reasons will be different for each guy who does this.

      However, stastically, your average white woman is more likely
      to have money than your average black woman – not always
      true, but true most of the time.

      As black men become more famous, they tend to travel in
      richer and richer circles and the black ladies become less
      common and the white ones become more so.

      That is, if they want to be with someone who isn’t impressed
      with their money, they’ll need to be with someone who is
      more likely to have been exposed to lots of money and now
      be effected by it. That person is statistically more likely to be

      As more black women succeed, I believe this tendency will
      diminish – but its taken white women a long time to climb this
      ladder – there is no reason to believe black women will have
      any easier a time at it.

      Yes, I believe there are some “trophy” aspects to having
      a young white wife – mostly a product of Hollywood’s
      sex symbols being young and white.

      Tyra and Halle are great exceptions to prove the point -
      Hollywood equates sexy with young and white. Until
      there are more Halles and Tyras, this trophy aspect will
      remain color biased as well.

      So what it comes down to is this: If there were more rich
      non-white women and more non-white super models and
      Hollywood actressed, I think that the phenomenon of powerful
      black men tending to end up with white women would

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