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Light Brown: Light brunette hair color shades comes close to dark blonde hair color shades. You can go with this shade and add some dark brown lowlights ideas to create dark undertones that give a stylish and textured look to your hair.

Light Ash Brown: Ash brown hair is a bit difficult to achieve with artificial hair coloring. You can add few medium streaks in hair of ash or beige blond foil highlights over top of medium brown hair, to get the ash brown hair color effect.

Golden Brown: This color is suitable for people with warm skin tones. This shade is a mix of blond and brown. People with medium or light brown hair have hues of golden shade.

Golden Reddish Brown: This is a very rare natural hair color seen. However, with some hair color ideas, you can achieve this hair color. Dye your hair shade of medium brown, add 8-12 skinny highlights of blond hair color, and near the crown add few skinny highlights of dark red color.

Medium Brown: This is a true brunette color and looks beautiful, is a rich shade and not too light or too dark. If you wish to go for this shade, then opt for a semi-permanent dye which doesn't lift the underlying pigment. As the underlying pigment will add gold and warmth to your hair color.

Auburn Brown: Auburn brunette hair color comes very close to red hair category. It is a very warm shade of brunette which brightens a medium to fair warm skin tone. You can accompany this hair color with some dark blond hair highlights.

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Chestnut Brown: Chestnut hair color is a reddish shade of brown hair. It is contrast to auburn hair, and the reddish shade of chestnut is darker.

Milk Chocolate Brown: This hair looks very beautiful and is suited for people with warm skin tones. With this color add a hint of gold chocolate color to add more to your look.

Dark Brunette: This is a deep rich shade of brown hair, that has a warm hue. It gives a dramatic effect to people with warm skin tones. You can combine this brunette hair color shade with highlights, which are one or two shades lighter than dark brunette color.

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10 Responses to Hair Color For Light Skin Tones

  1. Darlene says:

    What hair color is best for people with a really light skin tone?
    What hair color is best for people with a really light skin tone, I guess you could consider it pale… with reddish undertones?

  2. Flashing Lights says:

    Hair color for light brown skin tone?
    I am an 18 year old male with a light brown skin tone and getting really bored of my black hair color. Would a really dark brown be okay with my skin tone or not? I think highlights are too much, I mean highlights are (of course) lighter than the actually hair color… which doesn’t really go well with a brown skin tone, usually highlights would look better on a brown female rather than male. Any suggestions would be greatly appretiated! Thankssss

    • Angus. says:

      Go to or call a Barber shop that does what you are asking.. but always get a second opinion..Your priest, car mechanic, girl friend, neighbors wife, neighbors dog..your friends down at the corner bar,..the rag magazine..Tiger Woods Prince…

  3. Bunnygirl says:

    Help are there any good stylist out there who can help me pick out a good hair color for my skin tone.?
    I have light skin tone and brownish light colored eyes.
    Right now my hair is brown with light beige highlights.

  4. oh myyy says:

    What hair color would best fit a light skin tone?
    i don’t really like my hair color, and i want to do something to change it up a bit within the next year or so. i have really light skin, like for example dakota fanning’s skin tone. what color of hair would look best with my skin tone?
    i have hazel green eyes. the color can change in different light settings though. for example…if it’s dark then my eyes look brown, if its normal lighting then they look brownish/greenish, but when the sun is hitting them directly they look bright green

  5. chin says:

    What hair color would best match my gray eyes and light skin tone?
    I’m planning to spice up my look a bit and make my face look a bit livelier–just in time for spring. I’d want to have reddish brown hair, will a medium auburn color look good for my features?

    I’m considering Wella and L’oreal, which product will be best for first-time coloring?

    How do I maintain the color?

    • Laura says:

      Medium auburn would look lovely with fair skin and gray eyes!

      I used L’oreal when I first colored my hair and the results were great. It didn’t dry out and I liked the color. I now swear by L’oreal, and use it every time I color my hair and the results are consistently good. I’ve heard good things about Wella, too, but I’ve never used this so I can’t tell you anything about it.

      As for maintaining your color, use a special shampoo and conditioner for color-treated hair. If you are dying it a reddish brown, every once and awhile, soak it with red tea bags.

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