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Brown hair is a beauty in itself. To enhance and highlight its look further, people generally get hair highlights done. Let me remind you, brown color, specially when it comes to brown hair color, cannot be singled out as one color since there are many shades of brown. Same way, everyone who has brown hair may not have the same shade of brown. Therefore, depending on the shade of the hair, suitable highlights for brown hair have to be chosen. Read more on hair coloring ideas.

Following is a list of brown hair shades and the highlights that will suit them.

Deepest Brunette and Dark Brown - These two are the darkest of all the brown shades, although dark brown can be noticed considerably, deepest brunette looks like black from a distance. Highlights that will suit this shade of brown are copper, maroon and rich chocolate ones. If you want something more bright, you can go for honey blond highlights.

Chocolate Brown - You can have the bright gold highlights or bright auburn highlights for this shade of brown hair, if you want a funky look. For decent highlights over chocolate brown hair color, you could go for dark golden blond highlights.

Chestnut Brown - The most suitable highlight for chestnut brown hair color will be streaks of rich golden brown. You can wear this look comfortably at a party or at a meeting since it appears funky as well as decent. Gold blond highlights make the perfect 'highlighting' factor for chestnut hair.

Medium Brown - If you have medium brown hair color, strawberry blond highlights come under decent highlighting option whereas ash blond streaks will give you the funky look that will suit a night party very well. According to the degree of jazzy look you want, you can color smaller or bigger streaks.

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Golden Brown - Golden strawberry blond highlights will be a great choice for golden brown hair color. Light auburn and light golden blond highlights blend well with golden brown hair, making them look very natural.

Auburn Brown - Copper red and fire red highlights give a fiery look to your auburn brown hair. Depending on the shade of auburn you could intensify the redness. Copper red will look decent whereas fire red is a total party highlight color. Dark strawberry blond and strawberry gold blond highlights give a natural feel when streaked on auburn brown hair. Dark brown go well with dark auburn and you can try dark auburn highlights on light auburn hair.

Light Ash Brown - If you are blessed with light ash brown hair color, silver gray frosted and light ash blond frosted look absolutely stylish and elegant. Also, light ash blond highlights may suit the light ash brown hair color well enough.

Light Brown - You can actually have a wide range of highlights that can match the light brown hair color. Many of the red and blond highlights will look great on light brown color however, if you want a funky and bold look, try bold blond highlights.

While highlighting your hair for the first time, not only do you have to think about your natural hair color, you may even have to consider the color of your eyes as well as your skin tone. If you already have your hair dyed with highlights or some other color hair dye, think carefully about the color of resultant hair or highlights if you are planning to overlap the previous highlight color with the new one. There are ways of removing hair color which you can employ if you do not wish your previous hair color to mix with the one you want to apply newly. Read more on hair color remover.

If you are doing the hair color highlights at home, do not forget to follow the safety guidelines and the correct procedure of application of the highlights. Highlights for brown hair definitely add an extra beauty star to your personality. Choose the right highlights for highlighting brown hair and get that gorgeous look to grab the attention that you have always longed for.

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10 Responses to Light Brown Skin

  1. Ruth says:

    If a pale blonde-hared blue-eyed individual mixes with somebody with light brown skin then is it possible?
    Is it possible that the offspring would have light skin or would they still have the brown-ness recognizable in them?

    • Seolferwulf says:

      It’s a complete variable, generally the Darker colored genes are dominant but there is a good chance of the opposite and retaining the White skin Blue eyes.

  2. Rewards C says:

    What color contacts would look good or do you prefer on a light brown skin black person?
    What color contacts would you suggest a black person with light brown skin? I’m buying the brand Freshlook Colorblends and my natural eyes are dark brown.

    Which color out of the 9 below ?
    Amethyst, Blue, Brown, Gray, Green, Honey, Pure Hazel, True Sapphire, Turquoise.

  3. jrockstar20 says:

    Why do many light-colored skin people wants to have a brown skin?
    What is the benefit of having a light brown skin?

  4. Nishani says:

    I have light brown skin dark brown eyes and dark hair what eyeliner colour would bring out the brown in my eye?
    I have light brown skin but not too too light, dark brown hair, really my hair are black but right now they are dark brown but the colour is fading away, dark brown eyes almost black. I wear eyeliner in my bottom eyelashes only. Can someone please tell me what colour of eyeliner would bring out the brown in my eyes. Please help me

  5. Curious says:

    What colored contacts should I get if I have light brown skin and dark brown eyes?
    I’ve been wearing glasses for about 8 years (I’m 16), n I decided to get contacts. I’m an Indian (from India) so I have light brown skin, really dark brown hair, and dark brown eyes. Should I get contacts? (I’m nearsighted with a very high prescripition)

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