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Author: Kim Kinis

When choosing swimwear, it's very important that you pick out colors that compliment your skin tone. No two people on this earth have the exact same skin color so remember when picking out your particular bikini, choose what is proper for you. Just because your best friend can wear a bright red polka dotted swimsuit and look great doesn't mean you can too. It might make you look like a clown. You might look great in a pastel pink with blue trim bathing suit that's tailored just for you. Here are some general tips to consider with regard to your specific skin tone. We are going to separate them in terms of pale, olive, caramel, and dark brown. You might not be exactly any of those skin tones but you are in between them.

If you have very pale skin and it's impossible to tan, then you would look good in soft pastel colored swimwear. The lighter colors will blend in well with your sensitive skin tone. Of course you could wear a bright red bikini if you choose but it will be strikingly noticeable. Plus if you are pale and should happen to get sunburned, the red bathing suit and your red skin will make you look like a lobster. Stick to the light colors like beige, peach and baby blue to show off your genuine and unique skin tone.

For olive skin tones, you can wear blues and greens without any problem. Those colors bring out the naturalness of your skin color. Mixing the colors up would work well for you like wearing a swimsuit with a green top and blue bottom with green trimming or dots. Purple and burgundy would also be very vibrant colors that you could wear.

Caramel skin should capture colors of the earth. Orange, peach and green are great colors that show off the depth of caramel skin. Mixing and matching the bikini colors is also a great idea for you. Having caramel skin also allows you to flaunt deep rich red colors if mixed in nicely with a few accessories like hats or scarves.

Dark brown to black skin looks great in brown, black and even white. The white would be very noticeable but it also brings out and compliments the rich skin tone. Bright red would be very vibrant but it's also another color that brings out the dark texture. Stick to colors that look good on you overall so you can walk around in that sexy swimsuit with pride.

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No matter what skin tone or color you have, just remember that you are beautiful and unique in your own special way. Choose colors that fit you the best and don't worry about any one else unless you're buying them a gift.

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8 Responses to Light Olive Skin Tone

  1. (: says:

    How can you get a light olive skin tone color?
    Im not as white as a ghost, & i never go tanning it just looks orange and ruins your skin, but i just want an olive skin tone, how do i achieve this? thanks everyone :)
    Im native american”indian” , my skin isnt white. Is there a way i can “brighten it”

  2. amy. says:

    what colors compliment a light olive skin tone ?
    i alredy asked n got no answers. lol please answer.

    i have a light olive skin tone with a slight yellow understone.
    almost like an asain except not that much of a yellow undertone lol.

    let me know what u think pleaseee.

    • mariap says:

      Helps to have more information. Complimentary colors are usually determined by your ‘season’ which is your skin tone and undertones, along with your eye and hair color. This site has some suggestions: I’m guessing you are either autumn or spring. After you figure out which one you are, a simple google search will come up with loads of sites being more specific with colors.

      Hope that helps

  3. cricket061079 says:

    What make-up looks best on someone who has a light olive skin tone?
    I am part Italian and love to play with make-up. I seem to own almost any color under the sun!

  4. Jane Doe says:

    How do you consider an olive skin tone? light or dark?
    I have an olive- light tan skin tone. By some people (white people) im called dark. But darker people im called light. what do you guys think? i need to know so i can match it with some makeup

    • TiffyZhu says:

      Olive skin tone is usually light-colored. However, if your skin is slightly tanned, you should probably go for a light-medium skin color for your makeup.

  5. Joanne Nguyen says:

    Black hair ,Light olive skin tone , green eyes ?
    I have short black hair
    and a light olive skin tone.
    would green eyes look good on me ?
    well not short black hair
    more like
    medium black hair kinda brown just a hint.
    with brown/blonde at the end

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