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Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue For Women- A Review

Author: James Mckay

When looking for a women's fragrance that delivers an irresistible and overpowering sense of joie de vivre, it can be hard to discover exactly what you are looking for.  Today, we are reviewing a fragrance that offers just that.  The women's line of Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue is intended to be the ideal celebration of the joys of living.  The question, however, is whether the fragrance lives up to its intent.  Here we will look at all aspects of the line, from fragrance to price point and product types to see if Light Blue lives up to its promises.

The Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue line for women offers a unique blend of scents.  The main basis for the scent of the line is a combo of apples and Sicilian citron.  When these two ingredients are blended together with musk, jasmine, freesia, and amber, the scent that develops is certainly quite unique.  Luckily for D&G, it is also remarkably pleasing.  The eau de toilette is a bit overpowering and requires only a small amount, but the scent overall is certainly far more attractive and appealing than a vast majority of the higher end fragrance lines that share the same price point.

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When looking at the price point for any of the products in the Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue women's line, you will find that they are comparable with other scents and fragrances in the class.  The rich scent, the need to use very little of the eau de toilette to get fragrance that will last the day, and the general appeal of the product, however, puts it a step ahead of many others in its class.  In all, the product is certainly well priced and is a great value for the cost.

Another benefit of this D&G line is the sheer number of products in the line.  Few things can be as generally unappealing or even offensive to the senses as mixing a number of different scents and products, and Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue ensures that this isn't necessary.  With deodorants, eau de toilettes, body creams, and shower gels that all offer the scent, it is easy to ensure an all-over fragrance.  The bath products are also quite subtle, ensuring that the combination is attractive without bordering on overpowering.  In short, the line is definitely recommended and I think that most customers will be pleased and perhaps a bit surprised by the rich, elegant scent offered by Light Blue.

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10 Responses to Light Skin Women

  1. constancesng says:

    why is it that dark skin men love all light skin women, and dark skin women love all men of all shades?
    are they secretly racist? or do dark skin women have more of a heart?

    • Mimi says:

      ALL? did you speak to ALL dark skinned men and women? I am dark skinned and I don’t recall speaking with you. They like light skinned women because that’s what they think is beautiful. Move on already.

  2. Sports Girl says:

    Why do men tend to like light skin women over the dark skin women?
    I am a dark skin woman and I know i am beautiful but the guys seem to like my light skin friends or family members more then me! some guys even say they only like light skin girls? guys help me out here? can you explain this to me please!!!!

    • Noah says:

      Those are men that are jerks… i personally like any girl no matter what colour, if they dont like you because of your skin tone!!! then there not worth it. :)

  3. Evil Red says:

    Why do some black women of darker skin seem to have a problem with light skinned women?
    We really (at least I dont) think that we are better than anyone else. It always seems to be that light skinned women think they are cute bc they are light and have long hair. Does it really make a damn difference?!

    • Kokoa says:

      not all dark skinned black women have a problem with light skinned black women. i’m dark skinned and i don’t have a problem. i don’t care really. but this is a real issue and i feel you on it. you have to understand it is not that woman’s fault.
      back in the slave days, black women were rapped by their masters, causing them to give birth to mixed and lighter skinned children. these children were considered better because they had some white in them and they had been brain washed to think that white is better than black. as time went on, the idea stuck like glue and black people of all shades thought that if you were light skinned, you were better because you were closer to being white and white was what was right. the issue of colorism as it is properly called was addressed in the spike lee school days movie as well as some other places and that is when darker skinned blacks started standing up for themselves and saying there is nothing wrong with us. they even went to the extremes of calling the light skinned people infected because their skin color was not natural. although it is not talked about much in today’s society, it is very much there. i think it is very sad that we can’t ignore that color of one’s skin and look deeper towards who they are inside. i do that. i love black people of all shades. from the ivory skin colored to the black, and i mean black skin colored. i think the different shades of brown skin are beautiful and show just how diverse we as a people are. no one is better than the next because of their skin color but because of their character and that is how you should judge people, black or white, or any color for that matter.

  4. sas0814 says:

    Why are light skin black women more preferred?
    Why and when did the trend of being a light skinned black woman become so popular. On a daily basis I hear references to light skin being better and dark skin black jokes. Also it’s no secret that the vast majority of successful black men intentially seek women that fit into this category. Why?
    Also it’s mostly men that discriminate in this manner.

    • ♥♥Bree♥♥ says:

      Actually it depends how you look at it and where you live. For me as a light skin woman, I see more men prefer brown to dark skinned girls more over light skin girls. I have even notice that if a group of friends where their is a mixture of light skinned, brown and dark skinned girls most girls would hit on the brown and dark skinned girls first! So, that is not necessarily true. ALL men like different things when it comes to women, their are some guys that is caught up with colorism but not all.

  5. Jill K says:

    Why do black men like to bite white or light-skin women? I mean bite really hard until they leave a mark?
    My friends their black boyfriends bites their necks, bums, chest, backs and just everywhere and leaves marks on them. Mine likes to sinks his teeth into skin…..when I asked him about it he said that he likes to see his marks on milky white or lighter-skin.

    I’ve noticed that black men have a bite fetish… you ladies notice that and do you black men like biting women?

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