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Tips for Creating Dramatic Eye Makeup

Author: chelsi woolz

Perhaps you have always wondered how celebrities create such attention-grabbing, dramatic eye makeup. What is the secret? How do they do it? Here are some simple tips that will help you achieve the same dramatic look, and magical sparkling eyes.

1. The "Smoky Eye" Look
This is one of the most popular looks for models on the catwalk and celebrities at awards ceremonies. It's generally a night time look, and features darker colours on the eyelids.

To achieve the "smoky eye" look you will need a palette of eye shadow colours with gray, charcoal or black, shimmery white, and silver. Also, have some black pencil eyeliner and black liquid liner on hand. Be sure to also have makeup remover on hand, in case you need to touch up some areas.

First, apply a light shade of gray to the entire eyelid, except for the area beneath one's eyebrow. Next, apply some shimmery white to the area left uncovered that is right below the eyelid. Here is where the process can get a bit tricky.

At this point, you will be trying to achieve the "smoky" effect by placing a dark charcoal colour on the outer edge of your eyelid. In the crease right at the end of your eye, brush some charcoal coloured shadow right along the edge to about the middle of the upper eyelid. Use brushes to touch up any mistakes, and you have achieved the "smoky eye" look!

Line the top lid with eyeliner and don't forget to also apply a healthy dose of mascara to finish off your look.

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2. The "Cat Eye" Look
This look relies heavily on the use of liquid eyeliner. The secret to making this look work is the exaggerated use of liquid eyeliner. To get this look, you will need to have a palette of eye shadows with white, light pink, beige, light brown, and a dark charcoal. You will also want to have makeup remover and black liquid eyeliner on hand. It is also easiest to apply eyeshadow with brushes, rather than foam applicators.

First, brush on the light pink shadow over the eyelid. Next, place a shimmery white colour on the area just below the eyebrow.

After this, be sure to carefully outline the eyelid with liquid eyeliner. Here, you will want to start at the inner cornea of the eyelid and fully "paint" on a line that extends out to the eyebrow. Do not paint the line so that it is touching the eyebrow, but rather give it a tilted up curve (or flick) for the "cat eye" look.

Brush on a bit of charcoal eyeshadow in the crease, and you have achieved the "cat eye" look!

Mastering the application of the eyeliner may take more than one attempt, though. Try to get your lines even on both sides. For an honest opinion, ask your housemates whether your eyeliner is even.

The "smoky eye" and "cat eye" looks are two of the most popular ways to achieve dramatic eyes. Good luck and have fun creating these looks!

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About the Author

Chelsi Woolz takes pride in her appearance and favours a natural skincare and beauty regime. She loves to share beauty tips that she discovers when researching her freelance stories.

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10 Responses to Light Skinned Models

  1. everynameisunavailable99 says:

    What are the names of some very beautiful, exotic looking, dark haired light skinned actresses/models?

    • snowbird says:

      There aren’t that many of those types. All I can think of is Liv Tyler, she’s not exotic, but more like Snow White kind of pretty. She has pale skin, black hair, and blue eyes.

  2. baby gurl says:

    Why is light skin considered the standard of beauty?
    If you look in the media, you will mostly find light skinned black models, light skinned indian models and light skinned asian models. Light skin is considered the standard of beauty in asia, they hate the sun because they want to be as light as possible. And people say crap like dark skin is exotic, if it’s so exotic why arent we being portrayed much in the media. All we have is people like alek wek.

    • tzddean says:

      In Asian countries like India, it’s leftover from a class thing: having lighter skin means you’re not “working class” and you don’t stay out labouring in the sun all day.

  3. ?LONDON.IT.GIRL:)? says:

    What sort of makeup should a light skinned black girl wear?
    Can you tell me what types of makeup would suit me, a light skinned black girl.

    And also good eyeliners cuz i like to empthasise my eyes….Any tips?

    And if so can you post links of models i cud imitate to get a new look, as i start college next week,and properly the week after that and wud like some tips on how i can go in and feel confident.

    Anything you find is kool with me thanks….:)


  4. le duc de la téci says:

    light skinned women in hip hop videos …does it bother you …?
    80 -90 % of hip hop videos always have light skinned models …don’t u think it sends the wrong message …especially when there are so many beautiful dark skinned women out there ??

    BE HONEST !!!

    • FierceFatFace3 says:

      yeah, and they all look the same… and if a dark skin girl was in the video, shes always the one in the back… or dancing crazy…. It bothers me to see the same thing yes…

  5. Natalie Nunn - I RUN LA BITCH says:

    Black people is this Ethiopian model considered light skinned to you?

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