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Know All About Permanent Laser Hair Removal

Author: Steve Buchanan

Today permanent laser hair removal is now the second most common cosmetic procedure in the world. It has been used to help both those who are experiencing excessive hair growth because of illness, and those who are genetically predisposed to it. Actually laser hair removal is a technique that uses to remove unwanted hair form your body and face. The laser hair removal technique comes in use in 1990. Newer lasers remove hair from your body safely, affordably and effectively. It's not an issue what type of skin you have. The common philosophy about laser hair removal is that it is permanent to remove hair, but doesn't work on every body.

The hair removal method like waxing, shaving and plucking from your body are not permanent and also these are uncomfortable, time consuming and expensive. After a day later they return back so you may be interested in laser hair removal. There are a wide variety of laser technologies out there, and they are not all created equal. There are Alexandrite lasers, Ruby lasers, nd: YAG lasers, Diode Lasers, and Intense Pulse Light systems, which are not lasers at all but approach the problem in a similar manner. Some systems are better or worse for different skin types or hair colors, so be sure to ask your laser skin care professional in the equipment they use is well suited to give you the result you are looking for.

Lasers are designed to target the cells of the hair follicles without causing harm to any nearby tissues. Short pulse lasers will heat the target cells less than long pulse ones, and are less likely to cause thermally-induced skin scarring, one of the possible effects of laser hair removal on the skin. There are also lasers controlled by automatic scanning which limit the range of the pulses to the correct areas.

The aim is to destroy the target cells while avoiding harm to the surrounding tissue. Short pulses reduce the amount that the damaged cells heat up, thereby reducing thermal injury that could result in scarring. Automated scanners aim to reduce the chance of overlapping treatment areas.

If you have dark skin, laser hair removal can cause discoloration unless you use a specific machine created for dark skin. Lasers use pulse light to break down and target the dark pigment in your hair referred to as melanin. Lasers target the melanin in dark skin, which can cause discoloration. Hair growth progresses in three phases, growing, resting and shedding. Lasers and pulsed light target hair in the growth phase.

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Some Possible Effects of Permanent Laser Hair Removal Technique:

1) The new hair growth after laser is may be thinner and the color is different from the original hairs. New hair may be growing in the area near by to the treated areas.

2) Redness for up to 1-4 days. Swelling and feel pain for up to 2- 3 days. Infection, scab formatting and crusting is also the type of side effects which a person faces after laser hair removal.

3) Laser hair removal can cause a temporary increase in skin-darkening pigments, especially in those who have naturally dark complexions or tan frequently. But the darkening can be lightened easily with skin bleaching products.

4) One of the more serious effects of laser hair removal on the skin is blistering. Blistering most often occurs in patients with the darker skin which demands higher laser exposure. To prevent blistering these patients should have their treated skin tissues cooled with a contact chill tip. Blistering, thanks to various new cooling techniques, is almost non-existent.

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10 Responses to Permanent Skin Bleaching

  1. shani says:

    Is there any permanent bleaching for dark skin?
    I Have dark skin and I have selected a white dress for my wedding. my beautician told me that the colour is not match with me. But I like to wear whit. Can I do a bleaching? is it harm for skin? I Have heard that bollywood actresses are bleaching their skin. what type of bleaching that I can do? which products that I Can use? Is there any thing to use in home? Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me.

    • irieD says:

      your beautician is a liar. What is more beautiful than a dark skin person in a white dress? huh. Have you ever seen a dark person with white teeth smile?…cutest thing ever. Please don’t listen to people like that, they are trying to bring you down and PLEASEEE don’t start bleaching, its bad for your skin and it thins your skin.

  2. luke9901 says:

    HELP?! i was subscribed a skin bleaching cream for a dark spot on my skin, is it permanent?
    is the skin bleach permanent? people say it needs regular maintenance? why? does new skin grow over? and if so how often does new skin come about?

    • ding s. says:

      the dark spot comes from the inside. skin turns over every 28 days or so, the cells come up from underneath. the damage has already been done under the surface and the skin bleaching cream doesn’t really bleach the skin on top it supresses the melanocytes underneath from producing more pigment. you also need sunscreen to discourage futher damage.

  3. SweetStuff says:

    Does skin bleaching/skin whitener products give you permanent results?
    Which brands work the best?

  4. Ghanaian Princess77 says:

    Is bleaching your skin permanent? Is there anyway to unbleach your skin?

  5. .:Ev1L.l@Dyyy.: says:

    Skin bleaching products — do they really work & are results permanent? (for scars)?
    I have this scar on my neck that looks like a hickie… been on my neck for a few months. It’s very ugly *sigh* I tried merderma and bio-oil had no results with them… I’m thinking of buying skin bleaching products to get rid of my scars — do they really work? are results permanent? and is it safe? Thanks Oh btw I am very light skinned.

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