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Safe Intimate Skin Bleaching Treatments: Is Anal Bleaching Dangerous?

By Ava Cantos.

Anal bleaching is quickly becoming as popular as Brazilian waxing. What started as a very niche cosmetic trend reserved for "adult" actors, exotic dancers, and those obsessed with physical perfection has now began to quickly enter the mainstream. While this procedure is still focused in major cities like Los Angeles, Miami, and New York, women and men all over the country have begun ordering do-it-yourself anal bleaching products online.

In addition, men have also purchased this product in growing numbers as evident by the variety of ads out there specifically targeting both straight and gay men. Although, women are still the driving force behind this rapidly expanding cosmetic treatment option.

However, as the popularity and social acceptability of anal bleaching continues to grow, it is also important to ensure that this very specific skin bleaching treatment remains safe.

Unfortunately, there are some anal bleaching products on the market that still contain the dangerous ingredient Hydroquinone. While some would argue that a small percentage such as 2%-4% solution of Hydroquinone is still safe, the reality is that skin bleaching products that contain Hydroquinone should be avoided.

This is because most developed countries, excluding the United States which will surely soon follow, have completely banned all skin lightening products that contain Hydroquinone.

This is exactly why you should avoid any anal bleaching treatment that contains Hydroquinone. There is simply no good reason that you should risk your health for a cosmetic procedure.

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Application Process

Applying anal bleach is sure to scare even the most daring people. That area of the body is very sensitive. This is why those that choose to use anal bleach should not only follow the direction closely, but should also ensure that they properly clean the area they plan to lighten very carefully.

This is because much like teeth whitening, certain dark-colored food and drinks can easily stain the anal area if you are not careful about using proper wiping and cleaning techniques.

The Future of Anal Bleaching

Anal bleaching has already surpassed being thought of as a trend. It is simply here to stay. In the near future, more and more companies will develop products specifically designed to lighten the anus, and those that already have an anal bleach product will continue to improve the safety and effectiveness of their product. As a result, those that would like a cleaner, lighter anal region will be able to choose from a wide variety of safe, effective, and affordable anal bleaching treatments.

Where many current anal bleaching customers prefer having the procedure performed in a salon, the future expansion of at home anal bleaching products will ensure that men and women all over the world will be able to perform this popular cosmetic procedure in the safety and privacy of their home much like how many have shifted from dying their hair in a salon to doing it at home.

In conclusion, anal bleaching is safe as long as it does not contain Hydroquinone. However, like any cosmetic procedure, it is up to the individual to research each product carefully. For example, a safe anal bleaching product will clearly list their ingredients so that the potential customer can determine if they are allergic to any one ingredient as well as ensuring that the product does not contain Hydroquinone.

About the Author: Ava recommends using the safe and effective Anal Bleaching Product MEDliten.


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9 Responses to Skin Bleaching Surgery

  1. BRICK CITY GIRL says:

    Is it any way i can get plastic surgery skin bleaching to make my skin tone lighter?
    Because i don’t really like my skin color so i want to at lest make it 4 shades lighter so can anyone help me?

    • K says:

      There probably is a way, but it may be very expensive depending on where you live and the place you choose to have it done. I know there are skin whitening soaps and creams that can help. Keep in mind that a lot of these products contain mercury which is very harmful to the body. Here is some information:

      Ly-Na face cream whitens skin as well.

  2. Mahogany Dream says:

    What is the plastic surgery procedure for skin bleaching called?

    Please only respond with helpful mature comments.
    Please no lame jokes, including michael jackson, adults only please.

    • ♥Stranger In Maine™♥ (Thriller) says:

      There is no such thing! Believe me if some doctor had come up with it he would have blabbed it to the world and you would have heard about it!! There’s no way they could bleach your skin, it would either make you sick as hell or kill ya!

      ♥♥We Love You Michael!!!!♥♥

  3. R.I.P. Michael Joesph Jackson says:

    Does anyone know how skin bleaching surgery goes?
    planned on getting this when i turn 18. anyone know how the procedure goes? i wanted to make my skin lighter than it is now.
    im currently 16

  4. yoshi_gurl08 says:

    skin bleaching surgery.??????
    is there a skin bleaching surgery lol
    i am way too dark im like gabrielle unions color
    and i want to be 5 shades lighter

    i use lemon water on my skin everyday btw

    • Zo says:

      Please don’t change the colour of your skin- every skin colour is beautiful. Just think about how people with light skin envy your skin colour so much that they sunbathe for hours a day to darken themselves. It’s strange how most people want what they don’t have.

  5. R.I.P. Michael Joesph Jackson says:

    is skin bleaching and plastic surgery a bad idea?
    im really insecure about my skin and i wanted to make it lighter and i wanted to have my nose done. This is a bad idea?

    • Paradise C says:

      Yes, it’s not only a bad idea because of the health problems, but also mental.

      “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

      You are trying to compete with a world that doesn’t understand you. You’re insecurities are getting the better of you. If you never had to look in a mirror, you wouldn’t be so ashamed.

      Your skin is you, and you live in your skin. It doesn’t matter what color you are, or what shape your nose is. Love yourself for who you are.

      “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

      Dr. Seuss.

      So if people around you are making racist remarks, move away and find peace somewhere else where you can accept yourself, and find people who love you for who you are.

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