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The Most Effective Solution for Skin Lightening

Author: Laurel Levine

Ever wondered what's the best solution for natural skin lightening? Stay out of the sun, there's a start. UVB rays from the sun stimulate increased production of melanin, which is what causes a tan and makes your face and body look darker. There are also some health conditions, which are not usually dangerous, but cause the body to produce too much melanin.

Then, there is uneven pigmentation; freckles age spots, dark circles under the eyes and other concerns. Most people have some degree of uneven pigmentation, regardless of sun exposure or their skin's natural color. There are ways to naturally even out the color and gradually reduce pigmentation, for those that desire to do so.

Because the skin's outer layer is constantly being replaced with new cells created within the basal layer of skin, the colored cells that you see on the surface will gradually slough off and new cells, with less pigmentation will replace them. That's why tans fade, when a person stops going out in the sun.

One of the natural skin lightening solutions is to use a cream that contains an ingredient called EXTRAPONE NUTGRASS Root. This patented compound inhibits melanin production by over 40% at a .5% concentration. Creams containing lower concentrations will not be as effective.

If you combine the use of this cream with efforts to spend less time in the sun, you will see the biggest reduction in pigmentation. You will also see pigmentation begin to even out. This is not a bleacher or a peel, so the results will not be immediate. But, the results will be more long lasting. It is also a much safer solution.

When you achieve the affects that you want, you can begin using a different moisturizer that contains nourishing ingredients to delay the affect that time has on your appearance. In the best natural skin lightening creams, anti-aging ingredients are also included.

If you want the fastest results, you should look for a product that includes the lightener and an ingredient called Functional Keratin. It was created using patented processes that allow this protein, which is abundant in the epidermis, to remain active.

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This ingredient speeds results, because it has been shown in clinical studies to stimulate the production of new skin-cells, by as much as 160%. So, there will be a faster turnover rate and you'll see results more quickly than you would when using a whitener, alone.

Even if you use natural skin lightening creams, you still need to avoid overexposure to sunlight. The function of melanin is to protect the deepest of the skin's layers from UVB damage that can cause malignant melanoma, a form of skin-cancer. So, as you are reducing melanin production, you are making yourself more vulnerable to UVB radiation.

Now that you know this, wear a big hat and sunglasses or stay in the shade. Use a zinc oxide 20+ sun-block when necessary and be sure that the moisturizers that you use contain antioxidants. Antioxidants provide further protection against cancer. The best natural skin lightening cream contains those, too.

If you'd like to learn more about little known but clinically tested natural ingredients that are used for treating and lightening aging skin, visit my website today.

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10 Responses to Skin Lightening Injections

  1. basile says:

    about whitening skin?
    hi everybody i would like to know who try pills or injections for lightening skin?because i would like to whiten(lighten) my skin and get radiant glowing healthy skin so people talk more about glutathione pills or injectables so who tries that?and how are the results?and what is the best pills for lightening the skin? normandatha can you tell me your testimonial about glow2tathione pills?how is your skin now?thank you

    • Masters B*tch says:

      I don’t know about medications but I NEVER go out during the day and NEVER use lotions with color in them. Then I use lighter than Ivory toned foundation & face powder. I’m very, very pale as a result. If I HAD to go out in the daylight, I’d use REALLY strong sunscreen and hide my face… color…yick!

  2. T_Y_R_A says:

    Is it possible to get injections that change your hair, skin, or eye color?
    I’m not going to go and try this but I was thinking and with all the things they can do now can’t they inject some sort of pigment into to change the color of certain features? If so can they do just one feature or will it effect everything? What if you tried to lighten let’s say your hair and darken your skin would it work or would it be a mess? Also please don’t answer telling me to use hair dye or contacts or whatever I’m not asking to do this to myself I’m asking if it’s possible. Thank you for the answers!

  3. Cierra C says:

    Does any one know any type of cream or skin injection for scars that quickly heals scars?
    Well last year 2007 on December6, I was bitten on my face by my dog on the right side of my face a little bit below my eye near my nose(right side). Since then I’ve been using Fred Summit’s Ultra Blend&Tone cream. Instead of it blending my scar in with my skin tone it lighten up around my cheek. I have been also using Walgreens Scar Gel it haven’t really been working. And I plan to go out of town on March20. But before I go I want this scar off of my face. So my question is does any one know any type of cream or anything that can quickly heal my scar? I do plan to go to the Dermatologist but I haven’t scheduled a appointment yet. And or does anyone know any skin injection for scars? Well if you do please let me know.

    • Oreo C says:

      some things that might help as far as i know might include green tea, vitamin c, vitamin e, vitamin a, aloe vera, and honey.both taking these internally and applying topically can help.other than that i’m sorry but i don’t really know what to tell you except to take care of yourself as naturally and healthy as possible and good luck.i don’t know a whole lot about the healing properties of papaya but i have tried it, both eating it and applying as a mask, for my acne scars and pimples and it did a lot of good for my’s a seasonal fruit though so it’s hard to find except for in the spring and part of the summer i i don’t really know of what else to recommend but a little research can do a lot of good.

  4. jasonex says:

    DRAMATIC skin whitening possible?
    My wife hates her skin. She feels she is 100 different colors and wants to be one color. Her face is much darker than the rest of her (she does not go in the sun). No matter how much i tell her she is beautiful the way she is, she is not buying it. Why? Because she has to feel beautiful. She does not want to use a cream, she has tried them all and will not take anything with hydroquinone in it. She has heard of l-glutathione, but it is so expensive and she’d have to take it for 6 months b4 seeing any results. Can this be injected? Are there any dermatologists out there that know of anything one can get by prescription or by injection that will dramatically lighten the skin and make it even toned???

    • . says:

      hi there, so what like i know a lot of people who have the same problem as your wife, even me……. you said she doesnt like using creams then let her use lotion and spf……. i went to a dermatologist and he told me i should get the lotion called lubridrm or aveeno. i used aveeno and it works great….. get it for your wife and everyday b4 going to sleep let her apply to her WHOLE body and then it will all be toned together…. it will be soft and everyday tell her to use it and she willse the results in one week as i did……. the doctor also told me cuz of my face it might be just the sunso if i go to the sun i need to apply spf 30……also get a good sleep aproximatley 8/9 hours and everything will hopefull work geat…. hope i helped:)

  5. HERE says:

    Cortisone injection on keloid caused light
    Hi. I am a brown-skinned girl and my dermatologist injected cortisone into these 3 small keloids I have on my chest..they look like dark chest bumps. (But they’re keloids) And I guess a month or two passed and the area where the shot was given, lightened to a light caramel/bronze/whitish color. I know that the shot had something to do with the lightening, but how did my skin react to the shot…It looks as if I have minor vitiligo spots on my chest…What made my skin react this way? Because not everyone reacts that way..Is it genetics? Any professionals? Any doctors in here?

    • HMS says:

      I have been given numerous steroid shots for 3 keloids on my chest that have resulted in temporary lightening of the keloids. This is a desired effect for me because I am white, though. As far as I know, everyone will get some lightening from the shots over time (either temporarily or permanently) no matter what your skin color is. Talk to your dermatologist about it, and they may decide to give you a smaller dose of cortisone to lessen this effect. I put concealer on my keloids to make them blend in better, but if you do this, make sure to clean it off well at night so that they don’t become irritated.

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