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Thick Thighs, Heavy Hips And A Stomach You'D Rather Hide? How To Dress If You'Re Pear Shaped

Author: Caroline Husbands

Do you have thick thighs and heavy hips?  Is your waist well-defined but your stomach a little flabby?  Does your upper body appear smaller in proportion than the rest of you and are your hips generally wider than your shoulders?   If this is you, then you have a pear-shaped figure.   Unfortunately, no amount of dieting or exercise will change your basic body shape or the fact that weight generally goes onto your hips and thighs but off your torso!

To dress and look your best you have to aim to balance your top and bottom halves by accentuating your bust and minimizing your bottom and hips.  Any floral pattern or horizontal stripes are great to draw attention to your top half but you should always wear plain colours below your waist.

Jackets should be tailored to finish either above or below the widest point of your hips and bottom.  Buy your jackets to fit your shoulders not your hips, after all, you can always leave the bottom button undone!  Detailing on collars and pockets is recommended as are double-breasted jackets.

Tops should not be too fitted but should be patterned or have a horizontal stripe.  Fabrics which would flatter you include light fabrics worn layered, or medium to heavyweight fabrics with texture that add volume.  Layering with looser jackets and blouses helps to draw the eye upwards.

Skirts need to have simple lines that are either cut on the bias or have panelling to help cover your full curves.  Avoid very short skirts since they will make your hips look much wider than they are.  They will also make your legs look too short.  Tapered skirts are a good choice or ones that hang straight since these will minimize the width on your bottom half.

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Trousers should be plain, flat-fronted with side zip, bootleg or flared to balance out your big thighs.  They should not be straight-legged.

Fabric colour should be medium to dark with no pattern.  The most suitable fabrics are light to medium weight with minimum texture that are soft, fluid and drape easily like wool crepe or jersey.

Coats should have square shoulders or wide collars to add width to your top half.

And remember, you can also have great fun with your accessories including eye-catching scarves, interesting jewellery and stunning shoes.    You are aiming to make your face and top half the main focus of attention so you should always ensure that your make-up is applied as well as you can in the right colours for you.  This will bring sparkle to your eyes and a healthy glow to your skin all of which enhance your best features and detract from those below!

If you require further advice then try visiting an image consultant for a full colour analysis and style consultation.

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About the Author

Caroline Husbands is a Senior Image Consultant with Colour Me Beautiful, Europe's leading image consultancy and are members of the Federation of Image Consultants, the TFIC. Services include colour analysis, Style advice and make-up lessons.

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10 Responses to Thick Light Skin Women

  1. badnerves says:

    Would you go out with a thick women?
    Im just wondering because it seems like today all men or bois want is skinny women with no meat on their bones and little misquito bites as chest and a wash board butt. So what aubout the thick women i my self am light skinned thick and well shaped(not fat) i have a coke bottle fig and a huge @ss. That isnt attractive any more do i have to starve my self to look like Barbie just to find love?

    • City slicker says:

      Women need to relax with the “looking for perfection” ego search! Its like guys at the gym always looking in the mirror to see if that last set of squats has given them the perfect butt….news flash, it hasn’t, quite looking!
      When you understand that men, yes I said men, care about what is inside as much or more than what is on the outside…you’ll understand that you can be YOU and still find a man that will make you happy!

  2. Lovely:) says:

    Are Filipino women gorgeous?…the one’s that are natural skin, thick black hair, big eyes, nice light tan?

  3. venna says:

    light skin ordeal?
    i have a question for you guys or women if you dont mind.

    why is everybody so in love with light skinned women? im a beautiful caramel girl but if im with a ugly ligh-tskinned girl, they get all the attention, why the hell do you pic ugly light skinned females???

    • TobiasLuciaStarr says:

      I think that people sometimes just want what they don’t have or simply what is the opposite to them.

      The area in which I grew up was made up at least 95% white people. In that area, it was considered attractive to be tan. Girls were lying out in the sun and in tanning beds all the time.

      In areas that I’ve been where the majority of the population is not white, there were young girls using bleaching creams on their skin to make it lighter.

      I, on the other hand, wish that people could be happy with how they were born.
      I was born with very light skin. I love it. I don’t tan because I’m fine with the way I am, plus I don’t want skin cancer or premature wrinkles. I would feel the same if I had darker skin. I am what I am and I feel no need to change it.

  4. Safiyah says:

    Why is there a stereotype that black men prefer lighter skin women?
    is it b/c of the rap videos? Or songs by lil wayne saying “I want a long hair thick red-bone” lol?

    I ask b/c I’ve been a dark skin woman my whole life and I’ve never heard a black guy say I find you attractive but I won’t date you b/c your dark.My boyfriend now is dark skin and mostly dates women his complexion. But that’s just my experience. what about you? Obviously this is more so directed towards black people but other people can answer as well.
    Well just b/c you’re not akon’s or jadakisses color that doesn’t make you light skin there are many shades that are in between. Light skin = keyshia Cole, Chris Brown & Beyonce
    Anglo not all those players are married to white women.
    “there are more light skin girls then dark skin girl in the world”

    Are you sure about that b/c most black women I see are brown skin and up. I guess it depends on what you consider light skin.

    • tea ali says:

      The stereotype was around many generations ago probably from slavery times. The idea that the closer to white you were, the better you were, the more opportunities were available to you. I’m a child of the ’70′s and I remember my father not wanting us to date darker skinned people and my step mother telling us that she didn’t want any “dark grandkids”. Funny that she’s darker skinned and he’s light skinned, but they didn’t want us to follow their example? That’s probably why I mostly dated darker skinned men and eventually married one. They’re from the Caribbean and probably got the idea handed down to them from their parents, who most likely got it from theirs. Today, I think the media plays a huge role in perpetuating the stereotype that light skin is somehow better.

  5. Ashlea says:

    Do black men like thick women?
    I am a light-skinned black voluptuous female who is very confident about my thickness! I believe that being a thicker woman is sexy! I carry most of my weight in my chest (38DDD) & in my hips & butt (SIZE 14). But when I am around black men they act like I don’t exist! I’m not unattractive! I have curly long hair, green eyes, and angelface! At times I think I got more thickness than a man can handle!

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